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This is the offical site for the Barrie Youth Ambassadors and Global Perspective programs. To your left there are links to all the sites from previous groups!

If you're a 14 15 year old Barrie resident and interested in our two week summer cultural exchanges with Japan or China, or if you're a grade 10 student in Simcoe County and interested in a semester long intensive study of international affairs that will provide you with the opportunity to travel to Germany and a third world country during grade 11, then email the program coordinator Dave Morrison at:


We expect every parent to be worried about their child traveling under the current circumstances and we share those concerns.

We have GREAT answers:

1. We are monitoring the situation closely, including what the Olympics decide to do, and IF COVID-19 is still a 'major' threat NO TRIP WILL HAPPEN.

2. NO money will be spent until government and health authorities give us the "all clear"

3. BUT, if we don't select the group NOW, we will NOT be able to send any group even IF the situation has resolved.

4. We would HATE for this group of kids to lose the chance to have this experience.

This leads us to our solution:

Apply now… go through the selection process…we will collect no money (for now) and …

BEST CASE scenario the situation is resolved and we go to Japan... (we will collect money)

WORST CASE scenario, we don’t go BUT we understand how disappointed the group will be so we will offer the youth selected now a guaranteed spot on our next trip. (no money until the next trip and NO commitment until then)

YAP Leader Application
Applications close February 7, interviews the next week, decisions by the end of February.

YAP Leader Application Form