Our youth program has existed for a few years now, and every year a new experience awaits our ambassadors. Our group consists of unique individuals that will represent Canada. Our delegation is made up of students who are on the honour role at many high schools, average students who wish to see the world and even athletes who want to experience something new. Around the end of April 2001 our delegation was chosen by the previous year's ambassadors. On August 13th 2001 we travelled to our sister city Murayama Japan, where we stayed for two weeks. We relaxed at a spa, lived with a sponsor family and participated in the Tokunai festival dance.. Our next job will be to organise the second part of our program - hosting the youth delegation from Murayama Japan, in Barrie Ontario in 2002. Our delegation will have the privilege to sponsor a Japanese youth for two weeks. Then for the final task as youth ambassadors, we shall chose the next delegation that will have an experience of a life time.