Memories of Japan

by Laura Van Ryswyk


Barrie Youth Ambassadors with The Champlain Roses


On August 16th, our fourth day in Japan, we visited the Higashizawa Rose Park in Murayama. The weather was incredibly hot and sunny. We spent some time looking at the beautiful roses. There were many different colours, sizes and varieties of roses. We took some pictures of the Barrie Youth Ambassador group with the Champlain Rose bush – a gift from the City of Barrie to the City of Murayama.


At the rose park, you can climb up to the top of the mountain. The Japanese people had warned us about how “intense” it was, but we decided to climb anyways. Since the weather was so hot, climbing up all the stairs to get to the top was very tiring. Some of the people from Japan told us we were half way to the top, and we were already sweating more than we have ever sweat in our entire lives. A few people rang the huge bell that was at the top of the mountain. We all made it to the top, but then we had to walk back down. The walk down the mountain was a lot less tiring than the walk up.


          After the journey up and down the mountain, we took a much needed rest. A few of us got some rose ice cream, which is basically ice cream made from roses! It was very good and actually tasted like the smell of roses. None of us had ever had anything like it. It was quite interesting.


          The Higashizawa Rose Park was very beautiful and despite the extremely hot weather, it was very fun. I am sure that everyone on the Barrie delegation will not forget the experience we shared of climbing up the mountain and viewing the world famous Rose Garden from above.