My experience of Tokyo, Japan was one that I will never forget. In a city of over 8,340,000 million people it was easy to find how culturally different the people were here from back home. When we first arrived in Tokyo we went to the second largest firework display in Japan. The B.Y.E went to the roof of another building nearby to sit and watch this spectacular light show.

We all stayed at a traditional hotel. There we were introduced to having a separate room for our toilet and our tub form the rest of our bathroom. We slept on tatamy mat floors with rice pillows. It was nothing like our comfort inns or travelogues back home. In Tokyo, we visited the emperor and parliament buildings. We shopped in many of the popular shopping districts and visited an eight story electronic store.

Tokyo was a very clean city. You would think having such a high population rate that there would be a lot of litter but surprisingly the streets and paths were clean and the parks were beautiful.


I will never forget my trip to Japan and how I stayed in Tokyo. This was one of my favorite stops in Japan. With the streets full of people and shops packed with decorative items it was a site I will never forget.

By: Hailey Tilleczek