This is an experience that we all thoroughly enjoyed and would gladly take again. We want to show everyone how we managed and were impacted by this fabulous opportunity.

About our program: As said in the 2001 group: "Our youth program has existed for a few years now, and every year a new experience awaits our ambassadors. Our group consists of unique individuals that will represent Canada. Our delegation is made up of students who are on the honor role at many high schools, average students who wish to see the world and even athletes who want to experience something new. We do not judge, but look for opportunity and commitment with full dedication to what they set themselves out to do. Our delegation was chosen by the previous year's ambassadors." On August 12th 2006 we traveled to our sister city Murayama Japan, where we stayed for two weeks. We relaxed at a spa, lived with a sponsor family and participated in the Tokunai festival dance. Our next job will be to organize the second part of our program - hosting the youth delegation from Murayama Japan, in Barrie Ontario in 2007. Our delegation will have the privilege to sponsor a Japanese youth for two weeks. Then for the final task as youth ambassadors, we shall chose the next delegation that will have an experience of a life time.To say the least this experience is a life changer for all of us. We met amazing people and experienced so many different things, not only in culture but in an average day. We all look forward to hosting the youth delegation from Murayama and will welcome them with open arms.

The following links will let you experience our travel in various ways. Please read and enjoy what we have to give to you.

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We thank you for taking time to look at this site. It is greatly appreciated. We would like to thank Rick and Lou LeRoux for all their great work and for taking us on this trip. You guys are amazing chaperons and wonderful people! We would also like to thank David Morrison for running this program so well! We also thank our wonderful sponsors and our family members who allowed us to take this opportunity. We would also like to thank everyone else who was involved or we interacted with during this program as they made this trip mean so much more to us and gave us a fulfilling experience.