More of Tokyo

Erin, Deirdre and Dylan on the bus to Murayama, Japan

A temple we visited (Stacey far left)

Some rice fields

Standing outside art museum

Chad playing the Piano

Though a bit hard to see, this is all of us outside the Art museum (Lou, Dylan, Rick, Chad, August, Trevor, Laura, Deirdre, Kaela. (front) Erin, Hailey, Natalie, Kelly and Stacey)

Astronomy Virtual Sky Projector...thing....don't know what to call it but it displayed the sky on the white ceiling and showed the sky from sunrise to sunset and constellations and such. (one of the great things Murayama has to offer!!!)

Some history

A private shrine to the dead (a lot of families have these in their homes. They are very special and wonderfully set.)

Group beneath archway at the famous Rose Garden in Japan.

Some beautiful Roses

Some beautiful Roses

Our Japanese friends having some fun on the bus ride to Mt. Zao!

Chad, Kaela, Shiho, Manami (sorry if I spelt your name wrong), Deirdre and August at Mt. Zao

Miki, Kelly, Nana and Natalie at Tokunai

Manami dancing at Tokunai


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