Some more monuments

Such a beautiful view after climbing over 2000 steps

Gin-san, our translator, friend and an awesome person overall!

At the barbeque

Manami and Aki at the Kaleidoscope Museum

Doing some Karaoke

Stacey doing Karaoke!

The group in front of a famous monument

At a Shrine

Deirdre at the Mall posing with some manikins

Our first experience on a train in Murayama! Bullet train...? Not sure...

Roll out the blankets (futon)and thats a traditional way to sleep in Japan

Making some Soba Noodles

Making some Soba Noodles

Making some Soba Noodles (Aki, Laura, Momo, Kaela (August in back, Ryuma in front))




Farming and Animals

Kelly, Hailey, Stacey and Natalie with the Sumos.

Goodbye Party

The Last few moments with our host partners at the Goodbye Party

A personal performance by Ryo and Gin-san


Saying Goodbye to us at the hotel before we leave for the airport

The Barrie Youth Ambassadors

Group at the airport on departure day


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