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Architecture By Caitlynn Smith

One of the biggest things that I noticed while in China was the difference between their architecture and western architecture. Though many of their newer buildings show western influences, there are still some major differences that set them apart. Especially with the older buildings, the style is so completely different that it catches your eye the moment you see it. I noticed that each building would have something about it that sets it apart from the ones next to it. Sometimes there would be some sort of design at the top, or at the entranceway, or the overall shape of the building might be unique. The old buildings, or the traditional buildings, can not even be compared to what we see here in Canada.

This is the hotel at the Taizhou Teachers College. Right in the center of the building you can see some Chinese lettering. Various buildings would have letters like these (sometimes bigger and more flashier) on the front of the building. It is similar to how in Canada the name of the building will sometimes be above the doorway, except there, they have massive letters going all the down the front.

This is the gymnasium at the Taizhou Teachers College. We came here several times to play badminton with our partners. The gym had a total of six badminton courts that could be removed to make one basketball court. All around the edge of the court were stands were people could sit and watch. Sometimes when we came there would be several people already playing, my partner lent me a racket and I got a good chance to brush up on my Badminton skills.

We went to a museum about a famous Peking Opera Actor named Mei Lanfang. The building used to be where he lived, But it has now been turned into a museum about his life. The detail that was put into the buildings is amazing. I remember looking up and noticing all the different patterns on the end of the roof, the detail in it made them distinctive from each other.

China was amazing, you could easily tell just be looking around that you were in an entirely different culture. I will never forget seeing china for the first time as we got off the airplane and my amazement as I peered out the window pf the bus on our way to Taizhou.