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Memories of China Flora and Fauna Tim James

The China experience was one I most likely won’t ever forget. One thing that I remember most about China is the plants and animals. Some of the plants there looked like ours, but were generally much larger. We went to a wetland reserve on one of our first day trips there, and it was a large wetland on an island. In there, there were many types of different trees and plants—even animals. But the one thing that really captured my attention was the Lotus Plant they had there. At first, I thought it was just an ordinary pond lily, but much bigger. But then I was corrected by my chinese counterpart. It was infact a Lotus plant. The flower head itself was quite large, and the lilypad was enormous.

One of the other things that surprised me while I was in China, was that families do have pets. I did not know that. My family had, what I believe to be, a blonde-long haired chihuahua. They treated it just as we would here—they named it, loved it, fed it, played with it, etc. I didn’t expect for them to do everything the same way that we would. There were also many animals that we do not usually see in Canada. One day, while traveling across the town, we stopped at a red light, and in the ditch almost beside us, there was a water buffalo. There were many things that I remember about china that I loved, and I also remember how diverse, and unique their wildlife was.