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Geography of China By: Kathryn Kingston

The geography of China is a beautiful thing to see. Depending upon the region that you are visiting, the type of geographical landmarks will vary greatly. The natural landscapes around the city of Taizhou are similar to those landscapes that surround Barrie. The horizon is relatively flat, with gently rolling hills occurring in certain areas. There is an abundance of springs, rivers and even a lake near the area that we visited. The place where our group of youth ambassadors really began to understand the real beauty of the place we were exploring was at the Qinhu National Wetland Park (top left hand picture). Here there were many different ecosystems to admire.

Swampy areas helped make the river system that we saw. Within these areas beautiful lotuses bloomed colourfully in the sunlight (bottom right). There were more than you could count with their large green leaves and stunning blossoms. In ancient rice boats, we were taken to discover the park from a water view. With Chinese women in their straw rice hats slowly paddling our boats, we observed the natural wild and plant life that inhabited the region. The rivers ran long and in windy paths throughout the nature reserve. It was very interesting to see the various types of plants, most of them foreign to us as travelers. Taizhouís geography is definitely something that you need to explore because as much as it is similar to our own, it is also that much different. It was a wonderful place to see, full of all kinds of surprises!