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Memories of China Home stay Families Desiree Poirier

It all starts with exchanging e-mails between you and your partner, learning what our personality and interests are. You learn your commonalities with each other, which is a great help when you meet. A couple days into the trip we are all to meet in a room where we will finally are introduced to our home stay families that we have been anxiously waiting for. Our culture shock grows when we get to see where we will be staying during the duration of our trip. Everything about this trip is a learning experience; the families just make that experience even better. You learn so much from your families, especially your partner. They are just as fascinated to learn about our culture as we are with theirs. The differences between Canada and China are amazing. The language barrier does become a challenge at times but in the end, we understood what was meant to be said. The warmth, care and generosity that the families have towards you is most comforting. Families take advantage of our free time to show us their favourite spots. This was one of my favourite parts of the trip and that you get to see what kids our age do for fun in their country. I was able to visit restaurants, parks, even the KTV (a common karaoke spot). Many of us received so much more out of the trip, we received friendships. I personally clicked very well with my partner. Our similarities are amazing, as well as having our partners learn and laugh along the way. They really do make you apart of the family for the two weeks you are on the trip, which we are so thankful for. It was heartbreaking to have to say goodbye.

Overall, having the home stay families brings so much more to the table. The information and friendships we go home with is so incredible. This is definitely one of the top highlights of the trip.

This was the first day we met our families.

Me with my home stay partners.

Me and my home stay family. They really
were my second family for the trip.