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Memories of Traveling By: Kimberley Britton

After (what felt like) a long wait in the airport, the 10 of us boarded the plane. We spent our time, reading, playing games and just talking to each other. The flight went by fast but really, it was a very long flight. One of the longest you can take. 15 hours with no stopping. Now that is a long flight! When we finally landed in China, we boarded a bus. Yes, a whole bus for all of us! In China, many people use buses not many people have cars. If they donít use a bus, they usually use a motorcycle, a bike or a moped. The streets are always very crowded with people traveling this way and they often are driving very fast. While we were in China, we often traveled in our bus but also went in many vans, cars, and we went on a few boats. One of them is no longer used it has been converted into a floating restaurant; it used to be a cruise ship. It was very beautiful with marble staircases and very nice chandeliers. I was very lucky to be able to have dinner on it. We also went on a boat in the wetlands, where we traveled on a boat where it is traditional for a woman to use a long oar to move it. It was a lot of fun. Another boat that we went on was in a very beautiful city with a river down the middle, we saw many beautiful things on this boat ride. When our China adventure finally came to an end, we took another long flight back home. It felt shorter then it actually was though, and as everyone says the flight back always feels shorter, and it did. Plus it was actually a shorter amount of time. Only 14 hours this time, but it was definitely well worth the long flight.