An online publication dedicated to Global Perspectives, Canada.

Global Perspectives is a unique program in many ways. It is made up of 24 students, selected through applications and interviews. The program is conducted four periods of the day by five teachers, and will result in five credits for each successful student. Periodically, students are given time in which to work independently, either individually or as a group. The results at the end of this time are expected to correspond with the amount of time given. This results in a learning environment quite different than that of the average high school course. Students of Global Perspectives are given a greater responsibility for their own education. While students work on projects teachers are available for conferencing, but it is up to the student for ask for aid when it is needed. Even though five specific courses can be identified, all curriculum in the program is integrated toward the central purpose of examining world issues, present and past, from a truly "global perspective."

Only shifting, tentative lines can be drawn to define each of the five subjects (or disciplines, as we prefer to call them) involved. It is true that each teacher does "specialize" in one subject, but these five are so interlaced that each teacher's lessons are easily linked, even overlapping, with the others'. Therefore, the following descriptions of each discipline are designed to show what each discipline lends to the integrated program of Global Perspectives, rather than describe an individual subject standing alone.