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The followed sections were added to the site on June 9th, 2000:

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Welcome to the Global Perspectives website!

This online publication was designed as a part of the curriculum of a unique new educational program designed by several teachers from Ontario, Canada. Here you will find an abundance of information about the new program and what makes it so special, as well as information on the school, 5 staff members and 25 students involved in the first year of the program's existence.

Also, as a part of the program, and in an attempt to understand different cultures, this group of 25 students is involved in an international educational exchange with our sister city in Zweibruckën, Germany, where we currently are right now for five weeks! To find out more information about this exchange, please take a look in the Youth Ambassadors section of the site.

About Us
     Find out a little bit of information about the students involved in the program and their own personal & political philosophies. After our exchange with Zweibruckën, you will also find personal journal entries about individual experiences in Germany.

About The Program
     What is Global all about? A variety of information about the program, what it is all about, and how it came to be.

Youth Ambassadors
     Learn about our our international educational exchange with Germany, both about their trip here, which occurred in September, 1999 and about our trip there after it has happened in June, 2000.

     A creative writing assignment written from Zweibrücken, Germany, explaining exactly what it is like to be a foreigner in a strange place.

     A collection of personal writings based on the Independent Study Unit component of the course. Each student is required to select a global issue and produce a paper on that issue and how it affects global life. The products this assignment can be found here.

Our Views
     A collection of personal writings on how the students of the program saw the world before the course, and how they see it now.

     Find out about the creators and designers of this program, written from students' perspectives!

     Find out how to contact us, to provide comments, feedback, or to obtain more information.

     Self explanatory!

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