An online publication dedicated to Global Perspectives, Canada.

The following are links that we as a class have chosen and used frequently for our own benefits.  We feel that these links are very helpful, as well as informative and interesting.

Amnesty International -->  A website designed for promoting human rights and other international standards.  It's a very informative site for the latest of news and conflicts relating to human rights issues.

United Nations -->  The official site of the United Nations containing information of peace and security, international law, humanitarian affairs, human rights, and economic and social development.

Time Picture Collection -->  An excellent source for quality pictures of the past and the present events. 

Hegel -->  A very informative site on Hegel and other philosophers.  Mainly a site based on Hegel.

Britannica Online -->  The famous encyclopedia on the internet.  Great resource for researching.

The History Place -->  A great site for information on all the main events that took place in history, throughout the world.

Philosophy --> All the different types of philosophy, with explanations and discussions.  Topics include philosophers idea's and theories (Nietzsche The Death of God).

Global Knowledge -->  Information on improving lives, reducing poverty, and empowering people globally.

Global Issues --> A list of many global issues that effect us all.

World War II Timeline -->  A very detailed timeline on events that took place during World War II.

Library of University of Toronto -->  This is a search engine for all the journals and text that the University of Toronto has.

Terrorists, Freedom Fighters, Crusaders, Propagandists, and Mercenaries on the Net -->  A collection of all the groups of terrorists, freedom fighters, crusaders, propagandists, and mercenaries throughout the world with information relating to each one.

Aftermath -->  Information on everything that happened after World War II.

Art Information Center -->  Information on art, artists, and visual education since 1960 to students, scholars, museums, foundations, collectors, and publishers

Multiple Intelligences -->  A site with information on all the different multiple intelligences.