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As the world turns these are the days of our lives and these are the stories of our exchange, between Barrie, On. and Zweibrucken, Germany. There were twenty-five students sent to our lovely city to enjoy the cultural experience of a lifetime.  We welcomed them with open hearts and open doors, and hoped they enjoyed there lengthy stay in our homes.  We also hoped that they by the end of their trip felt like a part of our family and a great relationship was established.  These twenty-five students who were chosen were the top students in their class and school.  They were chosen to represent Germany  and their schools to develop a strong relationship for future generation of the world and create a bond between two different cultures that aren't so different after all.  These students represented their school and country in an honourable and respectable manner.

During our month together our eyes were opened and lifelong friendships were made.

The Germans Arrived September 16 1999, to our open arms.  The first week was very jam packed with excitement.  The first day they were here we went on the Serendipity Princess (a cruise boat) thanks to PMCL.  A great time was had by all, and everyone blended in together very well. Many friendships were made during this experience.  It was absolutely amazing how the all the Canadians and Germans established such good friendships so quickly.  It seemed as if there was never a language difference.  It was also outstanding how well the Germans could speak English and they were also very fond of teaching us some German.

We took the Germans through most of the tourist attractions around Southern Ontario such as;  CN tower, a Blue Jay's game, Niagara Falls, art museums, Base Borden, Wasaga Beach, The Bruce trail, Midlands "Thousand Island Cruise", and on one weekend we took the Germans to Canada's Wonderland.  All of these trips were great and thanks to PMCL they were not costly.  We showed them Canada to the best of or abilities and had a great time time doing it.  

The German Exchange students enjoying the scenery of the Bruce Trail

As the end of the trip reared its ugly head we gathered at a banquet for a few special presentations and reminisced about the incredible month that we had with our new found friends.  There were many tears and many cheers (by the parents HAHA!!) for the to-soon departure of our German friends.  As the evening progressed each and every one of us realized that the night and the stay were coming to a quick end.  There were gifts and speeches and presentations made to the abundant crowd of people who were at the dinner to celebrate the incredible job that was done to allow for this absolutely inconceivable experience unmatched by any other.  With our new friendships intact and our hearts full of the happiness and love of new friends, we were ecstatic to have the chance to have an experience like this. 

Germans singing their good-bye song that they wrote themselves


   After our long journey of culture and life experience we must now ponder the thought of the reality that there is more to this world than we will ever know.  We visited our newly found friends through their friends in their homes and their lives, to experience what they did eights months ago.  

    When we first arrived in Germany we were greeted by our good friends and were overwhelmed with the difference of worlds.  We now knew how our partners felt when they visited us.  It is different to experience what we do not know as normal.  We as tourists felt intrigued to engulf ourselves in the new culture we knew nothing about.  The twenty five of us decided to make this experience the greatest one we will ever have, determined by curiosity, intrigue and with a little bit of fear instilled by our chaperones we behaved.

Welcome to Germany from the city of Zweibrucken, at City Hall


            After a little time with our families and our new friends we were more comfortable and felt right at home more and more every day.  We were now off to discover a world we had never known before.  We were shown some of the most beautiful and breathtaking pieces of artwork, architecture and land in the world.  It was a real eye opener to see what we had been taught throughout our lives.  To be able to experience the wonders we had heard about and read about was one of the most precious moments of our lives.  

A trip to a historical and breathtaking monument as a fare well treat

Accompanying our new wonders were our new families and friends with smiles and happiness written all over their and our faces.  We made new friends we never new we would ever make.  The experiences we have had will last us a life time.  These memories have affected each of us in a different way and will remain with us in our hearts forever.  We were lucky enough to have this experience and wish others would take an opportunity like this if they get the chance.  We are all changed by what we have seen and done but we now have a broader view of the world.


A wonderful experience with a wonderful group of people