Through this program, we as Youth Ambassadors of Barrie, will be traveling off to experience Germany and its culture.  Each student will stay with a German host family while attending school and participating in the host families’ daily activities.  To finalize this exchange we will each host the German student who housed us while we were in Germany.  The students will be joining us in September for the duration of the month. 

            While in Germany our class will be separated into two groups, one in Zweibrucken and the other in Kusel.  However, despite the separation the two groups will merge in order to participate in group activities.  As an additional bonus to our time in Germany, we will also be spending three days in Paris, France.  While in Paris we plan on viewing the Rodin art exhibit. 

            Due to the exchange component of the program, the name “Global Perspectives” is adequately justified.  This justification is apparent because there is no equally sufficient method to broaden ones perspective regarding the global community than to experience it personally.