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A Celebration of Athletics

By Lorraine

Every June the athletics lovers of Innisdale gather in the cafe to honour the athletes of ISS. This event annually transforms the cafe into a sea of orange and blue, which could not be accomplished without the hard work of Innisdale’s Athletic Society. This is the last big event before exams so it is definitely enjoyed by all! Unfortunately the Global students won’t be able to make it to this year’s athletic banquet so good luck to everyone and you are all winners in our hearts!stephandparker.jpg (39095 bytes)

The Orange and Blue of Innisdale

By Lorraine


The annual Challenge Cup competition is another activity that is thoroughly enjoyed by the students of Innisdale. Every fall the students organize teams and dress in their wackiest orange and blue outfits. What is the purpose of this crazy event? On top of developing organizational skills, school spirit and teamwork, the students of Innisdale challenge themselves to raise money for the United Way.

A Night at the Oscars

By Lorraine

On Friday, December 8, 2001, all of Innisdale was invited to the Academy Awards, or at least the semi-formal with an Oscar night theme. Student Council hosted the evening’s festivities and the handing out of awards was the highlight of the night. A good night was had by all.

Global Students Visit Rodin Unveiling

By Lorraine

rodin.jpg (92549 bytes)

The Global Perspectives students were given the opportunity of a lifetime as they recently visited the unveiling of the Rodin plasters that are set to come to Barrie as a part of ArtCity. William Moore, director of The MacLaren Art Centre plans to construct a pavilion for the plasters that he expects to number more then 90. This will be the largest collection outside of the Musée Rodin in Paris. The bronzes will be placed throughout Barrie’s parkland and trails. This will complete Moore’s dream of turning Barrie into a "permanent, giant, indoor-outdoor museum."

The Rainforest Café

By Steph and Shawna

On Tuesday April 17th a representative from C.I.D.A. (Canadian International Development Agency) visited the Global class as guest speaker. Many of us converted to chefs for the day and prepared a delicious luncheon for our guest and teachers. Using our creative abilities we transformed our classroom into the magnificent Rainforest Café. This being a day based on world cultures we have come across in our studies, our menu excluded any food sacred to any culture or religion. For this reason we chose cheese manicotti as our main entrée.

After our lunch many other classes joined us for a presentation by our guest, Gina Watson, in which she talked about the C.I.D.A. organization. She informed us of C.I.D.A.’s current involvements and projects on the go. She spoke of their successes and failures and encouraged us to get involved as youths.

As a follow up to her presentation she returned with us to our class for a question/answer period. We took advantage of this time to ask her more in depth questions about her work, her experiences, and volunteer opportunities. We felt that this day was very worthwhile and beneficial to our global studies. If you wish to acquire any further information about C.I.D.A it can be found at their website-







Innisdale’s Mock Trial

By Sarah

R. v. White [2000]

Defense: Self-defense- with reasonable force against an aggressor who has the intent to cause bodily damage – Self-defense/ Battered Women’s Syndrome- the continuous abuse from a husband that forces the wife into the state of "be killed or kill".

Facts: On July 29, 2000 Mr. Ambrose White, a respected member of the Barrie community was murdered around 10:20 p.m. This was reported to Detective Walker. The Detective and his colleagues went to the scene of the crime located on Wellington Street.

Mr. White was found dead on his king size bed with a single stab wound located in his upper chest. The police reports indicated that death was a result of a letter opener that appeared to have been dropped on the side of the bed. On July 30, 2000 Mrs. White was charged with second-degree murder of her husband and was released on recognizance.

Trial: The accused pleaded self-defense, which was delivered to the judge. The judge acquitted the charges of second-degree murder due to the fact that the prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused did murder her husband.

Congratulations: On April 26, 2001 Innisdale’s Mock Trial Participants took the challenge of defending the accused. As the case progressed not only did the witnesses plead their story in an "academy-award winning" fashion, but also council presented the best case ever. Their efforts earned them second runner up out of fourteen schools.

Please note that this case was made up with all names, places and events.

All the Difference in the World

By Crystal

When we signed up for Global Perspectives, we were expecting an experience much different from the norm and that is what we got. We have experienced so many different situations from so many different people. Our first world view was brought via videoconference courtesy of Stacy LePage at the Barrie Learning Center. Four Global Perspective students were given the opportunity to speak with eight "Lost Boys" who were refugees from Sudan and had been relocated to the United States through a program which was attempting to rescue children from refugee camps in Sudan. I was one of the students who was able to talk to them. It was most definitely a learning experience for us. That day was when we first began to realize that our wonderful, free, and caring Canada was not so perfect. I think I speak for all involved that it would have been great if we only had more time, or to do it again, but with less talk from their "mother". Nevertheless, it was a great experience.

Invader Spirit!

By Mike

Invader spirit has to rank among the most intense in the world. Our football and rugby games are heavily supported by screaming fans that take pride in watching Innisdale annihilate the opposition. On a spirit day your eyes will hurt by lunchtime because there is so much orange in the halls. We pride ourselves at having the best United Way campaign; we raised $16 000 last year! That rocks! We win that competition every year, no contest. The pride and spirit at Innisdale is unbelievable and for good reason; we’re the best!

theboys.jpg (18111 bytes)

Invader Sports

By Matt

Innisdale is known throughout the county for having some of the best sports teams around. We excel in all aspects of sport, and we show sportsmanship whenever it is needed. We are not being biased towards having the best sports teams in the county, it is just we play sports better than other schools. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, and it is all part of the game. Many GBSSA title banners are hanging in our gym, and the coveted OFSSA banners also are displayed proudly. Our very own Dave W. Morrison has taken our football teams to 6 GBSSA titles in 8 years. 

Innisdale, with its population well near that of 2000 students, has the ability to have a variety of great sports teams, and athletes.

Worldly Reporters with a Global Perspective

By Lorraine

One of the many projects that the Global Perspectives class took on this year was the production of their weekly newspaper, The Global Perspective. The class was divided into five different groups in order to cover the news from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America and Eastern Europe.

After working out a few minor kinks, the newspaper became a success that the Global class was proud to display their name on. Not only was it a great opportunity to develop their writing skills, the class also got the chance to educate themselves on the current events in the world and it became an essential part of the case studies for their independent studies.

Congratulations to the Global class on a job well done!