Welcome to the Global Issues section. Choose an issue from the list below and read on and on about that issue, and the conclusions that we in GP:2001 have come to!

* Biblioraphies, although present in some Issues reports, can be viewed upon request.

Amy- Sexual Exploitation

Andrew- Tobacco

Ashleigh- Refugees

Brent- Cloning

Bryan- Global Free Trade

Caroline- Propaganda

Carolyn- Religious Persecution

Crystal- Nuclear Weapons

Jessica- Genocide

John- Genetically Modified Foods

Leysa- Animal Abuse

Lorraine- Media Violence

Matt- Landmines

Mike- Politics

Nick H- No Logo

Phelan- Arms Trade

Sarah- Women

Shawna- Overpopulation

Shawn- Terrorism 

Steph- Pesticides

Trevor- Narco-Economics