Imagine a box.  Now imagine yourself out of that box.  This is Global Perspectives.  In this day in age students become so accustomed to a checklist approach to education, that they miss out on opportunities they might never have thought to look for.  Global is a partnership between 4 teachers, 5 credits, and the 24 students that benefit from this new way of learning.


Since this is such a unique opportunity, an application/interviewing process was necessary to narrow the many students interested in this program.  The teachers look for students with not only good marks, but who are interested in finding connections between themselves and the world as a whole.  Students that donít just look at problems, but consider the solutions.


Global isnít about just working for one's self, but for the better of the entire class.  Whether you choose to work independently or as a group, every student relies on the trust created between one another to accomplish whatever the challenge may be.


Global is a course all on its own.  Although it has specific curriculum based credits, all 5 are integrated into one common perspective.  This concept is not just something you have to accept, it's something you have to believe in.  This is why the following headings may seem scrambled, but to us they make more sense then the courses they were derived from.


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