To put it simply, this is where we say thank you. Below are a list of web sites, students & teachers. All of these played a significant role in the development of this web site and our growth as a Global Class. Thank you everyone.
Web Sites of Interest:
Green Peace
The United Nations
New Internationalist Magazine
Amnesty International
The City of Barrie
Global Issues
Web Info:
The Program was done by Heather & Ashley
The Exchange by Michelle, Jenna, & Kathryn
The Teacher Interviews by Greg, Meghan & Katrina
Do's and Don'ts by Alex
These lovely Credits are done by Natalie
Videographer - Rob
Web Heads
The Flash intro was done by Andrew & TJ
The Flash version of the site was to be done by Greg
HTML Editor and Editor-in-Chief - Cam
Main HTML web site done by Mike
"This site wouldn't have been imaginable without the technical skill, artistic abilities, patience and most of all hours upon hours of hard work put into it by Mike Murphy. He has done a great job and deserves every compliment the site receives. (Including this one)
Thanks Mike!
-From, Your Global Family"
A special Thanks to Mr. Rogers for all of the extra time he spent with us. We owe you one!