The Purpose
  This exchange with Germany is designed to bring together two different cultures. It integrates the methods of both societies through teenage students who are the future and who may decide the fate of said society. By becoming more aware of other countries, we further precue the global village theory or, the more ideal goal, world peace and unity.  
  Our Trip There  
  One of the best aspects of the Global Perspectives program is the one month exchange in Germany! After a lot of hard work and preparation, the students of the Global class of 2003 left for their overseas exchange. At first we were all a bit nervous to meet our host families anddidn't know what to expect. However, the German culture was easy to adapt to once we got settled in. The generosity and the hospitality of the families we stayed with was extraordinary, and we are thankful for that. These families changed their normal lifestyles for a month and I'm sure that they worried if we were having a good time or not. They didn't have anything to worry about because we all had the times of our lives.
For the full month we were in Germany, I dont think there was ever a dull moment. Everyday we were out and about, trying to see and take in everything there is in Germany. Our daily trips to the cities of Germany were very interesting and always action packed. We saw old castles that Kings and Queens once lived in, museums, forts from both world wars, battle fields, the Bavarian Alps in Fussen and so much more.
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