Global Perspectives


            The Global Perspectives Program is a new and unique experience. It is a collection of twenty-five interested, and interesting, grade eleven students from across the City of Barrie who have come together to learn about the world we live in. Global is not only about making connections between the five courses taught, but also making connections between the world and ourselves. It is an awesome opportunity for outgoing, ready-to-learn students to get away from the routine school day and have the chance of a lifetime to learn, grow, experience and see the world.

            The Global Program consists of five credits: Grade 11 Political Science, Grade 11 English, Grade 11 History, Grade 11 Arts and Culture and Grade 12 Philosophy.  Upon completion of this course, you will have the advantage of having a grade 12 credit that will allow you to have a spare class in the future. Other than the work involved, Global is a great experience. You will be introduced back to the elementary school style of teaching where you will have a couple teachers who will treat you like family and actually care about what you do. Global will give you a new perspective of working. The goal of Global is to take you out of your box and give you a new outlook on life.  When you go to class you will actually enjoy it. Donít get the students wrong, the first couple weeks we were second-guessing our decision but afterwards we just enjoyed coming to school. Our portable is like a home away from home. It is equipped with all the necessities such as microwave, stereo, comfy chairs, game systems, VCRs and TVs.  With an environment like that anyone could find school fun. Besides all that the trips are just incredible. With every trip we strengthened our friendships and worldviews. We came back from each trip knowing more about the world and ourselves.

            This program has opened all of our eyes to the world around us, and has taught us valuable lessons.  From understanding the culture of Mexican natives, to becoming involved in the practice and workings of the Cuban government. There were many opportunities that we were able to experience in order to open our minds and escape our normal North American environment. Thanks to the teachers, we were given these opportunities, and were not bound down by the normal rules and ideas that come with educational staff. All of the components of the course led to an improvement in our lives as students. New friendships were made, different people were met, and different cultures were explored. With all these components all bundled together in one course, we (the students) created a lifetime of fantastic memories in one semester.