Matt is lovable

Greg is likely to conquer the world

Amber is materialistic

Laura is the most random

Ginny is friendly

Kassandra is opinionated

Katrina is the best-dressed female

Jenn takes initiative

Mary is the shyest

Lynne is creative

Josh is likely to play pro sports

Jamie is in best physical shape

Jeff is serious

Will is the best ‘mumbler’

Joe is likely to become a writer

Steve is the most talented

Drew is laid back and relaxed

Amanda is dedicated and ambitious

Diane is the nicest and the kindest

Shelby is the sweetest

Chris is chivalrous

Andrew is outgoing and sarcastic

Garrett is the most funny

Pam is mysterious

Chelsea is the most outspoken

Mrs. Steele is the lovable mom

Mr. Ruttan is the best hippie teacher ever!

Mr. Craig has the kindest heart
Mr Morison is the best public speaker