Global Manifesto

What is Global? How does one describe something for which there are no words to describe? How do you document something so vast that it couldn't even be contained in a tome the size of a Harry Potter novel?
To answer these impossible questions, the Global Manifesto was born, as an all encompassing document to outline the principles, objectives, and activities of Global Perspectives. The following segments strive to encompass all that is Global Perspectives, and describe the true beauty and intricate balance that makes it the outstanding program that it is. But since when has a pressed flower ever fully embodied the essence of the vibrant, thriving organism?

I. What is Global?
The history of the educational system has been plagued with flaws. We find almost everywhere conflict between student, teacher, parent, and administration. We constantly question as to whether current styles of learning are properly preparing the next generation, or creating herds of  obedient parrots. Thus Global Perspectives was born, a revolutionary style of learning, teaching, and essentially, a new way of life.
Based on academic merit, personal ambitions and interest in global affairs, community involvement,  uniqueness of personality, among other factors, students are chosen from Barrie and the surrounding area to participate in this outstanding program and experience. The program represents the entire course load for the semester, including a fifth credit, which requires extensive amounts of effort and stress of these students. Inhabiting Innisdale's portable 11, when not travelling abroad, severe cases of cabin fever and desperation, and sometimes perhaps genuine comradeship create a unique, invaluable family atmosphere.

II. Commodities
In the theoretical world of academia there is but one currency in with which we function- grades.  They are the riches with which we define ourselves, the funds we accumulate to buy our way into higher education, the goods with which we barter for opportunities, and the treasures with which we vie for recognition. As the International Monetary Fund has crippled the economies of countries across the world, the International Grade Effect has bastardized  the very fundamentals of education.
Global Perspectives prides itself on an innovative system that devalues the IGE, altering the viscous, greedy, consumer driven reality of education. Upon the shattering of the deeply imbedded preconceptions of the students privileged enough to cross the hearth of portable 11, and annihilating allusions of the unquestionable importance of 'grades,' a new priority is put in place. This priority values hard work, personal growth, introspective exploration, and the creation of a global interest and point of view.  The result is one that may surprise. This new system creates an environment where the essential high grades are accomplished, allowing students to re-enter mainstream education with all of the benefits of the Global system, with all of the requirements of the IGE.
These requirements include high academic achievement in the five courses carefully chosen to allow for the intricate integration process and inspire development of a global conscience, and personal  scholastic ability. These courses include: Grade 11 Visual Arts, Grade 11 Comparative Spiritualities, Grade 11 University English, Grade 12 Global Issues, and Grade 11 History in the 20th century.
III. The Slipper Clause
An integral part of the Global Perspectives experience is the  comfort and safely of the participating students. For this reason, each year variations of the venerated 'Slipper Clause' are invoked. This unofficial, but strictly followed law essentially ensures the use of indoor shoes of various types (ie. slippers, clogs, sneakers, Crocs©) which in turn provide a clean environment for the students to inhabit for the duration of their school days.
IV. The Death Test
The dreaded Death Test ranks among the most cherished and abhorred traditions of Global Perspectives.  Gifted with a high degree of intellect, personal interest, and years of education in Canadian history, Morri creates a complex test that not only assesses the information retention skills of Global Perspectives, but their study perseverance, writing skills and true wits.  This is the true moment of Global where the children are separated from the adults.
V. Travel
An essential aspect of Global is the time spent travelling. This real life style learning is what truly sets this program apart. Two weeks in April are spent in the third world Caribbean country of Cuba and five are spent in the European power Germany, creating a total of seven weeks on the road.
A jewel of the Caribbean, this breathtaking island is home to  rich culture and fascinating politics. This is not to be considered a vacation for Global students (well, maybe slightly), as they expand their horizons and open themselves to a new culture with many different ideas and customs. With daily lectures from intelligent Cuban professors and tours of many interesting historical sites, important knowledge is gained in a natural, effortless style of learning.
While the measurables gained- facts, and knowledge- are integral parts of this experience, it is the immeasurables that carry the most impact. These immeasurables are found in the bond the Global students create with their Cuban partners. Serving as guides, teachers, and friends these young, bright, Cuban individuals join the Global students for the duration of the trip. These bonds of international unity and true friendship are invaluable aspects of the Global program.
Hailing from Barrie's German sister city, Zweibruken, German exchange students come to live in the households of the Global students. As hosts, friends, and guides they show their guests all that is the country of Canada. Their departure is a tearful, but it is not a goodbye, rather a "see you soon." In June, it is then time for the Global students to travel to Germany and live with their exchange students, and experience the wonders of their rich culture and spectacular European nation.

c) The Laws
 i. Thou shalt wear thou hat in the sun. Maintaining good health is important to creating the best and safest trip possible.
ii. Thou shalt wear suitable footwear on daytrips (ie. no 'flip flops'). See explanation i.
iii. Thou shalt dance. Whether or not a student has multiple left feet dance is an integral part of Cuban culture.
iv. Protect your German. Self explanatory.
Accounting for twenty percent of the final mark in Global, the massive and intimidating final Independent Study Unit is a source of immense stress and individualised, interest-based learning for students. Each student chooses a controversial global issue at the beginning of the semester and dedicates its duration to exploring the issue, investigating its current manifestations and impacts, also working to provide in depth analysis and possible solutions to these issues.
a)the logic of evil
Often in the cases of such controversial issues, society has tendencies to view them as a black and white battles of good vs. evil. But we know that is not the case. Behind each action, positive and negative there is always a reason, and even actions that may benefit a certain population can devastate another. The delicate, sing-song voice of Morri will forever ring in our heads: "Tell me why, tell me why, won't you please tell me why."
b)the illogic of procrastination
While most global issues can be understood and analysed from a variety of angles, one that has  been plaguing teen generations from the beginning is one that will forever cause confusion. The growing concern of extreme procrastination can cause severe effects in the lives of Global students, especially in the case of the ISU. It is recommended that students should avoid this viscous addictive habit, and work in a timely manner to complete the ISU to the best of their ability.

Written By: Kelsey Davis

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