Alexandria Daryll Critch
Birthday: December 30, 1993
Age: 16
Family: Three brothers Ben(18), Jeremy(16), Liam(5), Mom, Dad
Location: Barrie, Ontario. Canada.
Global Class of 2010

Info and Hobbies:   I am a protestant Christian.
 I like to listen to classical, instrumental, and soft rock music, as well as all types of jazz.
I can play clarinet and piano, and I love to draw, sketch, and paint.
 I used to play ice hockey in a league, but now I primarily do a martial art called Aikido.
I also like to go see movies, go on Facebook, and go out with my friends.
How has Global affected me?
To me, Global isn’t just a program that lets you travel around the world and learn cool stuff. It is an eye-opener. I used to live in my own little world, concerned with issues only as large as getting my ISU’s done and working my shifts at my part-time job. I unconsciously ignored the bigger problems of the world so that I could get by on my selfish Western way of thinking.
Because I was put into an environment that took me out of my usual way of thinking, I learned to accept other ideas and be comfortable outside of my comfort zone. For example, I was raised as a strictly protestant Christian, but it wasn’t until this year that I made an effort to understand and even take interest in other religions. The program has not changed my personal beliefs, however it has made me more confident in my understandings of religion as a whole, rather than ignorant.
 I have enjoyed the experiences and lessons that I’ve taken from Global Perspectives, and would recommend it to every one of my peers.
Future Aspirations: In the future, I am sure that I would like to attend a University and study both French and Visual Arts. My goal is to one day become a teacher, but before that I would like to improve on my artistic abilities and become nearly – if not completely – fluent in the French language. I’d also like to study abroad in France, which will give me an opportunity to practice and improve on the language, as well as give me closer access to some of the Fine Arts museums.

That’s me! Past, present, and future.

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