Name: Aya Tagami

Home School: Innisdale Secondary School

Hobbies: I like to dance and watch T.V.
I love to dance because it allows me to forget everything to help clear the cluttered mess in my mind and heart. It allows me to express my feelings without having to explain them.
“Watching T.V” may seem very lame for a hobby. However, I cannot deny how much I love it. I think T.V is great because it has the ability to pick me up from my couch into a whole new world where I can just float. Like dance, it gives me time to pull out any unpleasant thoughts or feelings out of my body.   

Favourite Quote: “Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend,” Albert Camus. I first saw this quote in a book that my friend gave me when I moved to Canada from the States. I like this quote a lot because it reminds me that you must have the desire to make friends before you can develop any friendship.

Future Plans: In the future, I hope to find a job I enjoy doing, live a peaceful life, and keep close contact with my family.
I know that finding a job that is enjoyable for me will be very crucial in my life because I want to live life freely. I do not want to be strapped down in an occupation I hate for the rest of my life. In order to find a suitable job, I need to learn more about myself. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to be a part of Global Perspective 2010*. J
One of my future plans is to live a peaceful life. I do not need it to be glamorous or fabulous. I just want to live peacefully by doing the things I like and being with the people I love.
Family is very important to me because they have been with me through everything (although it sounds cheesy). My family and I move a lot because of my dad’s job. Every time we move, my appreciation for them always increases. I cannot imagine life without them; so naturally, I see them as a huge part of my future.

*Why I wanted to be a part of 2010 Global Perspectives: Travelling a lot and living in many places with very different cultures has influenced me in a way that makes me unique from other people. Instead of having one distinct cultural aspect, I have many that have built up into a mosaic. Although I am very proud of this, my identity as a person became hard to define. As a result, when I became aware of this program, I was naturally attracted to it. I thought that it would help me identify who I am. I believed that to understand myself better, I had to first take a look at the world I live in. I felt that this program was perfect for that.

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