Name: Brooke Sheppard

School: Bradford District High School

Cooking: I have a passionate joy of cooking. I use it as a stress outlet and think if everyone cooked real food on a daily basis people would be a lot less stressed.

TV and Movies: I watch probably way too much television, but I love it. TV and movies relax me and make me think. I love watching historical movies and musicals because there are usually a lot of strong emotions linked in them. I enjoy trying to relate to the characters and viewing different opinions from different people.

Running: I run on almost a daily basis. Running is another one of my many stress relief activities I run by myself and usually late at night or early in the morning when no one else is around, so I can clear my mind, and just breathe.

Post High School
After high school, I will be going to either Georgian college, or to York University to get a major in Biology and my teaching degree, along with my culinary degree. As a result I will be able to be a biology teacher and a food and nutrition teacher in high schools as my career.


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