Name: Carly Chagas

Home School: Innisdale S.S.

Hobbies: Just like any other typical teenager I’m into hanging out with my friends, going to the mall or movies, and I have a slight addiction to Facebook. But one thing that I really like to do is cook and eat food. I love food, but most people wouldn’t believe me due to my size. I can’t wait to go to Germany and try all the new types of food! When I’m watching television I usually tune into the Food Network. Hell’s Kitchen is one of my favourite shows, I love Gordon Ramsay. Another thing that I really enjoy doing in my spare time is art. My Mom is an artist so that has a huge artistic impact on me. Sketching, water colour painting, and making sculptures are my favourite things to do. Another hobby of mine is reading. I love getting new books, and when I read I am never able to put the book down. Currently I am reading the book Night, as well as Poisionwood Bible for Mrs. Pounds.

Fav. Quote:  "The greatest failure is the failure to try."
-William Arthur Ward

I think that this quote is really truthful. You should always try at something even if you think you might fail because the real failure is not trying. This could be related to my life by when I applied for Global. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle the work load because I’ve heard it’s pretty large, but now I’m glad that I did.

Future Plans: When I get out of high school, I want to go to university for Health Sciences. Yes, I am a “math, science type”. The universities that I am currently most interested are McMaster, Queens, Western and Guelph. Eventually, I want to go into the medicine field. Although I am interested in exploring the other half of my brain, which is one of the reasons I joined Global. I’m interested in learning more about the histories and social sciences, just so I know that I am making the right choice.

Extra Skill: As I stated previously, I like to do art. I’ve been painting since I was a little kid. It helps me express myself through various methods, I am not one for writing poetry, so art is the way I soothe myself. It really means a lot to me because all of my family enjoys doing it. We used to have a night dedicated every week for painting. So not only does it help me express myself, it also brings my family closer.

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