Name: Coral

Home school: Innisdale Secondary School

Hobbies: I enjoy dancing as it allows me to turn stress and other negative energy into something creative, and fun. I also like to scrapbook because I’m big on memorys and both family and friends. I enjoy organizing things so scrapbooking is relaxing for me.  

Favourite Quote: “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” –Wayne Gretzky. I like this quote because I can never decide what I want or what I should do. This quote is an easy answer to my fear of trying and commiting to new things. I was scared to comit to global but I knew I’d miss out on my “shot” of a great program, if I didn’t do it, and im glad I did.

Future Plans: My future plans are currently unknown. They change on a daily basis. One moment I want to go to Queens to become a teacher, and the next I want to go to college, or travel the world. Before global I was certain I wanted to enter either the maths or sciences, but now I am giving the languages a second thought. I’ve realized it wasn’t the subject that I didn’t enjoy, but I simply just wasn’t putting enough effort into it until this year. I am still debating between everything, but I am working hard and keeping my options open. Whatever I do, I want to feel satisfied and happy. In a couple of years I would like to return to Cuba to revisit my Cuban partner Maylin, and explore the country some more. I feel that there is so much to discover in Cuba, and each time someone returns they get more out of their Cuban experience. Actually knowing a local on a personal level gives cultural experiences more meaning and depth, so I most definitely want to return to Matanzas, Cuba.

Special Skill: I have been dancing competitively since the age of 8, and have loved it ever since. I have been trained in jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, musical theatre, hip-hop, lyrical, and contemporary. It allows me to express myself, and stay active. There is a dance for any mood you are in and through dance creativity is endless. Dance will always be a part of me.

Things I’ve Learned in Global (Academically and Personally): I have learned pleanty about myself as a person in global this year, a few examples are the following. Before global I used to do work for marks. My only concern was what I’d receive in return. This statement about myself is thankfully not true anymore after learning from the teaching styles used in the global program. Now I find I try hard because I simply want to put my best work foreward. I will carry this new mindset with me for the rest of my educational career and life. I have also become more independent through my global experience. Living in Cuba for two weeks with absolutely no contact back home was something I’ve never experienced before. I now know that I am able to survive without my mom constantly guiding me, which means I am getting starting to become more mature. Being in Cuba also made me appreciate what I have at home here in Canada a lot more. This year I have taken the most educational risks of my life i.e. creative tasks I would never have considered trying in projects such as Colony to Nationhood. They have been successful though. Proving that creativity flourishes and develops when you allow it to, and yields positive results. I am certain that I have an advantage for my senior year in highschool with all of the presentation skills I have aquired this year.

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