I’m Liz Kunkel.

Thee basics:

Birthday: August 20, 1993

Favourite food: Sushi! Or.. chocolate with tea!

Favourite colour: Blue. I love to tell everyone that.

Favourite Quote: “Man is condemned to be free.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

Writing about myself is way more difficult than I anticipated. At home I split my time between my mum and dad’s houses, which is a fun change every week. My favourite thing to do at home is watch TV and drink tea with my mum, who I am pretty much a carbon copy of!

I joined Global to try something different, because I have generally been afraid to do so in the past and I thought I’d go for it. It has opened me up to so many things, and I know that once it is over I will get involved in much more than before. An example of that is philosophy. I had always been interested in different concepts and loved the grade eleven course, but I think that now I really want to get into it and read some serious stuff. I’m excited.

Currently, one of my favourite things to do is run. Although I’ve kind of been slacking during Global, I think that jogging is the best stress relief, exercise, time to reflect on things, and feel-good-inducer on the planet! I am absolutely pumped for the summer not only because it’s my favourite season but also so that I can start running again.

Another reason I’m pumped for summer is to get back into reading. Ever since reading Handmaid’s Tale, I’ve been obsessed with Margaret Atwood. I also love John Green, he’s great.

As for music, my favourite is by far Death Cab for Cutie, followed by Tokyo Police Club. I have too many favourites to list but I’ll go as far as Said the Whale, Two Hours Traffic, Ra Ra Riot, and Matt & Kim.

I don’t think I can fully comment on Global until it’s over. I definitely know it’s something big in my high school career, and probably my life, but I can’t tell you exactly how yet. Once I step back and have a chance to look at it as a whole, I’ll be able to figure it out. What I can tell you is that it’s a lot of work, but what you get out of doing the work is beyond worth it. I also think that every person takes something totally different from the program, and that you really just have to experience it for yourself. If you’re a future Globalite, good luck!

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