Hey future globalites!

Name: My name is Frances Delaney but most people call me Franny.

School: I went to Ecole La Source from kindergarten until grade 8. Since then, I have been attending high school at Eastview Secondary School. Now, Global Perspectives has brought me to Innisdale Secondary School! 

 I have many hobbies, however my favourite are sailing, going to camp every summer, and snowboarding every winter.
Every summer since I was about 10 years old, I have been going to Sailing Camp at the Barrie Yatch Club. I would spend 2 weeks of my summer at this camp, learning how to sail. I love sailing so much. I have learned many different things about sailing and sailboats over the years. I have met many interesting people every year at Sailing Camp, which made this camp extremely fun! I have achieved my Bronze IV in sailing, and I plan on getting my Bronze V at some point in time. I would love to work at the Barrie Yatch Club, to teach sailing.
Another camp that I love very much is Camp Mini-Yo-We. I have been attending this camp since I was 2 years old! My mother, Sheila, went to this camp as a young girl, and for the past 13 years, she has been a cook at the camp. As a result, she would take me with her, even when I was 2 years old, to Camp-Mini-Yo-We. Every summer is so much fun, as new friends are made, and camp friends are reunited. Last summer, I was in the Leaders In Training program (LIT) for 5 weeks, where I was trained to become a camp counselor. I was then put into a cabin with another counselor and, I taught sailing as an instruction. After that week, I stayed for another and I was in a cabin with 7 campers. I love being a counselor at camp, and I am planning on doing it for 6 weeks this summer as well.
As you can see, I love camp! You may be wondering what I do in the winter… Well, I love to snowboard! I usually just go to Snow Valley. Even though it’s a really small ski hill, it’s always a lot of fun! I love to be outside in the winter! I love snowboarding, tobogganing, making snow forts and all of that kind of stuff. Snowboarding is definitely one of my favourite sports. I started to snowboard in grade 6, and I have never looked back on skiing. My family and I love to ski and snowboard. On our March Breaks, my family would always travel to cold places, instead of tropical. I started skiing when I was about 3 years old. I cannot imagine my life in the winters without a fun sport like snowboarding!

Talent: I grew up in a very musical home. My father, Jim, is in a band where he plays the tenor saxophone and the guitar, and my mother reached grade 8 piano when she was in high school. I have also been taking piano lessons since I was in grade 1. At times I wanted to quit piano because I hated practicing. However, I am very glad that I am capable of playing the piano now, and reading music. When I started high school, I also started to play the viola. Now, I am in Eastview’s Senior Orchestra. My school is the only one with string instruments in all of Simcoe County. I am very proud that I can play the viola. It is a very interesting instrument as it is the only instrument that is in the alto clef.

Favourite Quote: I don’t really have a favourite quote that I live by or anything like that. I always love to quote lines from my favourite movies such as: Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Labyrinth, and many others.  I also quote a lot of verses from certain songs. One of my favourite quotes from any song is from “The Handshake” by MGMT that goes: “People always told me, ‘don’t forget your roots’, but I know I can feel them underneath my leather boots!” I just think this quote is hilarious and I love this song!

Well, this profile is my life in a nutshell. I hope that Global Perspectives will bring such an amazing experience to you all, like it did for me!

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