Name: Gareth Copeland
Nickname: Garth, Gary
School: Innisdale
Favourite Bands: Nile and Rammstein
Favourite Quote: “Define irony, a bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.”  Steve Buscemi on Con Air
I enjoy listening to music (but not mainstream music) because it is entertaining and energizing. I also enjoy travelling because it interests me and keeps me active. I also hate being locked up inside 24/7. I am involved in cadets which will hopefully provide me with basic experience/knowledge I will need for my future career in the military.
Future Plans: After graduating high school I plan on enlisting in the Canadian Forces and attending the Royal Military College (RMC) in Kingston, Ontario. I plan on graduating there to become either an air force pilot or a military police officer. At the moment I am really looking forward to university (RMC is actually not a college)
Extra Skill: I am currently involved in cadets and I am the 3rd highest rank you can achieve in the program.  I have several roles in the squadron such as teaching classes to younger cadets and several leadership positions. I believe my extra skill would be leadership. I have had several opportunities to lead many cadets to get certain tasks such as setting up a camp or leading/organizing a fitness day. 

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