Name: Gillian McDonald

Home School: Innisdale Secondary School

Hobbies: Singing: I’m studying level 7 Royal Conservatory vocal and I’ve been studying for three years. Singing and writing music is my main creative outlet. I’ve performed singing at church, coffee houses, opening for bands and have done a bit of recording-all of which I absolutely love doing! I love singing in different languages like French, German, but Italian is my favorite because the words are so beautiful to sing. Most of my free time is spent at my piano singing and writing.

 Theater: I’ve been actively involved with Community Theater since grade three and I love it. Theater is an amazing social and confidence building part of my life! I’ve performed in strictly dramas, but I enjoy musical theater much more because I get to sing! I’m involved with Kempenfelt Community Players, Moving Art Studio, school plays at Innisdale Secondary School and other acting troops and film projects.
Travelling: Travelling is a very important part of my life. I value seeing and experiencing the world around me and constantly be on a journey of learning. I have been many places in Europe, United States and driven across Canada, but here is much of the world I haven’t seen and long to see like Greece and Thailand.

Fav Quote: “Just as a musician seeks musical expression, so the music in the universe seeks to be expressed.” (Marlo Morgan, Mutant message Down Under, pg 110)
I discovered this quote very recently while reading the assigned book in English called Mutant message Down Under.  Although, the whole book spoke to me I was drawn to this quote in particular. I love how it is complex in it simplicity, also it perfectly describes my outlook as I composition music.

Future Plans: In grade eleven I thought I had my life pretty planned out. I was going to go into the arts and be a performer or teach drama, but something happened that made me change my career path radically! Global Perspectives happened. I am hoping to go on to University (Maybe Guelph). I want to study international development and teaching. I want use my theater and passion for learning to teach all around the world. At least that my plan!

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