Name: Grace Greaves
Home School: Barrie Central
Before joining Global I went to Barrie Central Collegiate.  Coming to Innisdale was a big change for me. Central has about 900 students, Innisdale has about 1,800 students! The first week here was crazy! Not only are there a lot of students, but the building itself is so confusing. There are hallways that you are not allowed into during certain periods of the day. Also there are bathrooms that are locked during certain times of the day! I quickly learned where multiple bathrooms were, in case the one closest was locked! But overall Innisdale is a very interesting and nice school.
Hobbies: I enjoy most sports like volleyball, soccer and swimming. I started playing volleyball in grade 7 and continued to play it in high school. I started playing soccer in grade 9. I love being outside and on the field. I like both sports because they are team sports and I get to meet amazing new people. I also play the flute in Central’s senior band. I started playing the flute in grade 9 music class.
I love swimming!!! I have a pool that I swim in during the summer. I also swim all the time at my cottage. My cottage is in Orillia and I spend most of my summer there. It’s one of my favourite places in the whole world.
Favourite Quote: "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."
- Anonymous      
I love this quote because it is saying that true friends will be there for you no matter what. Even if everyone else doesn’t believe in you, your best friends will be the ones that keep you going.
Future Plans: I plan on going to university and beyond that I don’t really know. I am thinking of doing something that I can use my Japanese language skills. I may peruse a career in international business.  I would also like to travel around the world someday.
Talent: I do not have a specific talent. I guess one thing that sets me apart from everyone else is that I can speak Japanese. My mother taught me Japanese at a very young age. I have been going to Japanese school in Toronto every Saturday since I was six years old. I would like to think that I am fluent in the spoken language. Also I visit my family in Japan every summer, which helps me keep up my language skills.


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