Name: Janine TeBokkel
Home School: Bear Creek Secondary School
Hobbies: I am actively involved in many school teams and activities.
The sports teams I have participated on at Bear Creek include flag football, girl’s hockey, track, and rugby. On top of the teams I have been on, I have also participated in grade 9 band, wind ensembles, concert band, and jazz bands. Through these school activities, I have made it to many GB finals and have participated in many tournaments and concerts.
Outside of school, I play hockey in a co-ed hockey league and have started rowing at the Barrie rowing club in downtown barrier. I have yet to compete in a rowing competition, but have been in many hockey tournaments since I began playing in 2003. Outside of playing in the BCHL (Barrie Christian Hockey League), I played on my elementary schools co-ed team, the girl’s hockey team at Bear Creek in grade 10, and a select team through BCHL in my grade 9 and 11 years.
The sports teams and other activities that I am involved with keep me very busy, and so I am always running around preoccupying my time.
Favourite Quotes
“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
-This quote was used on many of our school t-shirts in the past and is very inspirational in encouraging people to take action when they see change as necessary
Future dreams: Sports are a very important aspect of my life. When I finish university, I plan on getting into sports medicine.

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