Name: Jesse

Nickname: Swamp- Monster

Home School: Barrie North Colligate

Photography- I’ve only been shooting photos for about a year, but the art form has captivated me. After started dabbling with photography I bought a DSLR with which I continue to explore this medium.
Swimming- The only physical activity I thoroughly enjoy doing is swimming; it clears my mind after a long day.
Fav Quote: “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” - Edgar Allen Poe This is one of my favourite quotes because it is how I feel most of the time, especially in Global.
“I believe in compulsory cannibalism. If people were forced to eat what they killed, there would be no more w ars.” Abbie Hoffman
This quote was extremely interesting to me because it questions who are really are "barbarians."

Future Plans: I’m hoping to go to a university in Canada, and from there, hopefully, to a medical school. I am looking into diagnostic medicine. Before I started Global, I wanted to stay in Canada or perhaps move to the States, now I am seriously considering a life in Europe; this is just an example of the horizon broadening that goes on through global.

Talent: I’ve been writing poetry for about two years now; it has been an personal outlet as well as an art form since I started. More recently I’ve moved into writing short stories andhopefully a novel somewhere down the line. I hope to continue writing, and perhaps get better at it, as I move on through life. Here is an example of a poem of mine:

I Breathe, I Sleep, I Dream.

I breathe.
I sleep.
I dream.
And in my dream I see
A riverbed. Stones
As smooth and colourless as 
The water that they meet.
A dark and quiet river
The end of which, I can not find.
But, I scan from dark horizon
To the next until they catch my eye.
One thousand people across the water.
Waiting, as silent as the night.
I take off my clothes to swim
To them, but the water is like ice.
At that moment, I see you.
Numb, but so am I.
It's been one year since 
The big sleep took you from my side.
Warm memories fill my head,
An age since our last kiss.
The boatman accepts my coins
And carries me across the Styx.
I dream
             A quiet dream.
I sleep
             The big sleep.
I breathe
             My last breath.


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