Hello there, my name is Joshua Narvaez but most people call me Josh. I’m 17 years old and I started my high school career in this very school (Innisdale Secondary School) and will soon graduate from it next year. I have a sister that is a grade younger than me and an uncle that is in the same grade as me. Yes, you read correctly, I have an uncle in grade eleven, shocking isn’t it? To throw you guys off even more, I’m actually older than him by almost a full a year. I’ll give you a little hint; he’s my dad’s brother.

Anyways, I have many interests and a couple of talents. Some of my interests include soccer, surfing, skateboarding, traveling, and partying. Some of my talents include being a natural soccer player (yes people, it’s a gift), being very social (I can strike up a conversation anywhere, anytime, with anyone-that’s if I want to), and being musically talented (I’ve played the guitar since I was eight).

I have quite a few goals in life but many dreams. My biggest dream is to become a professional soccer player. I consider this more of a dream than a goal due to the fact that soccer is not very big in North America. It is growing but it’s not as big as it is in Europe. At the moment, (I say at the moment because it changes every so often) my biggest goal in life is to become a psychologist. There is just something about sitting in a room listening to other peoples’ problems’ that I just love! That’s a very lame joke that I hear quite often, there’s lots more than that in being a psychologist, just saying.

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