Name: Mikayla Boyd.

Home School: Innisdale Secondary School.

Hobbies: Some hobbies I enjoy are snowboarding, Guiding and singing with Innisdale’s Concert Choir. While doing these activities, I get to express myself, and have fun with my friends! I also really enjoy travelling. I have vacationed quite a bit with my family, usually to warm, tropical countries. I have already been on an exchange to Japan and I really enjoyed hosting a German student this past year. Both of these experiences have helped me grow as a person and define myself. I plan on traveling all over the world, so that I can see different cultures and learn new languages.

Favourite Quote: “Depth of friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance” I feel this quote represents my friendships with the other Global students. We haven’t known each other for very long, and we have already become very close. I look forward to travelling with all of the other teachers and students, and really getting to know them!

Future Plans: After I graduate, I plan on going to University somewhere in Ontario, and then becoming an Elementary School teacher. I have always aspired to become a teacher, and I really enjoy working with children.

Special Extra thing: I took Piano lessons when I was in grade six, until grade ten. I really enjoyed playing, and challenging myself. Now, I just play for my own enjoyment. 

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