Name: Mikey V
Home School: Barrie Central
Favourite Quotes:
“It’s like a raging phoenix full of blue water” – Trefor Armstrong
“I thought the door was open” – Grace Greaves
“Stand tall and make the world proud” – Nikki Yanofsky
About me: Hey there, my name is Michael, but you can call me Mike if you want. I was born in Barrie sixteen glorious years ago and I have a super-cool family. I am a really outgoing, social person and I love music. I play the trumpet in the Barrie Central Collegiate Senior Band and I also play a few other instruments on the side. My taste in music is always changing but right now The Rolling Stones, Supertramp, The Beatles, Queen and of course Ke$ha, are my standouts. Aside from music I really enjoy the outdoors. In the winter I love to ski, snowboard and toboggan any chance I get. In the summer I love camping, fishing, kayaking and just being outside. I also enjoy playing volleyball and spending time with my amazing group of friends, most of which go to Central. I have, however; managed to make a lot of really good friends in Global as well.
            I applied for Global Perspectives for a bunch of different reasons. Firstly, I have always loved travelling. Germany and Cuba have always been on my list of places to go and this program seemed like an excellent opportunity to make that happen. Also, I have always been interested in world issues and learning about what’s going on in the world. I have learned so much in the past few months that I never would’ve in a normal classroom. Another reason I applied for Global was for a change. I think that the experience of switching schools, meeting new people and learning in a completely new way has been awesome. Travelling to Cuba was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. I learned so much about their culture and customs and really gained a lot of appreciation for life in Canada. Aside from all of that, we also got to meet a group of Cuban counterparts that we all developed relationships with. They were all really fun, outgoing people that loved dancing. One of the highlights of the trip to Cuba for me was Yoan. Yoan was a music teacher at a school in Matanzas that joined our group while in Cuba. He was amazing at the guitar and he was really cool to talk to as well. Overall, Cuba was an awesome experience that made all of the hard work pay off.

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