Name: Trefor Armstrong

Home School: Innisdale Secondary School

Hobbies: In the summer, I enjoy swimming, kayaking, and ATVing. I usually swim at my Bestamor's house, but when I'm not there I'm with friends in the lake. I truly take pleasure in swimming. When friends say it is far too cold to immerse in the water, I still like to be adventurous and go in.  My love for swimming is probably what sparked my idea to try kayaking.  Ever since I was roughly eight years old, each summer my mom and I would be kayaking partners.  My favorite place to escape to is just north from Barrie. The Canadian Shield is the finest getaway during the warmer months.   The most rewarding part of a day paddle is to munch on a 12-inch, turkey, Subway sandwich while relaxing in solitude on the warm rocks.  
One thing I do miss when paddling a kayak is the speed and power of the ATV.  I really enjoy when the wind is flying at your face and you can't feel it because your helmet blocks the wind and yet you can feel wind resistance travelling all around your body.  The best part of riding is when you become stuck in a mud hole or attack and attempt to climb the big cliff in front.  Just when you think there is absolutely no way your ATV can get out of this mess, after much prevailing and persistent work, you escape to freedom.  With all the fun adventures, there are at times some frightening incidences, like the occasion I lost control and flipped the ATV,  24 kilometers away from the hunt camp in the middle of nowhere.  I had to find a way to lift the ATV rear axle off the ground and roll it out of this hole. With adrenaline pumping, I was able to lift the ATVoff of the rock and give it gas at the same time releasing it out of the hole.  I was very relieved as it was getting dark and I didn't want to run home


Future Plans: At the moment, I strive to achieve to the best of my ability in high school.  I do plan to work towards a university degree in engineering, although I have not yet decided upon the discipline.

Extra Skill: I have always loved to play hockey and it is my obsession. My favorite team is the Carolina Hurricanes, but when I’m not cheering for them, I also like to support the Montréal Canadians or recently the Toronto Maple Leafs. During the winter months, I usually gravitate to the indoor and outdoor ice rinks of Barrie.

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