Mr. Morrison

Mr. Morrison is more than the back bone that keeps global standing, he is the heart that keeps the warm fuzzy feeling flowing. Mr. Morrison is not often referred to as “Mr. Morrison” in Global’s classroom environment or on our out of class experiences. Mr. Morrison’s nickname, Morri, fits his personality much better because of the more cheerful ring it has. “Morri” fits his warm, comforting smile much better as well. The calm and collected atmosphere that never falters in global generates from Morri, like luxurious heat from the sun.

In this short semester we have spent lots of time with Morri and have come to know each other very well. The more we get to know each other the more we get to see Morri’s sympathetic nature reveal itself and the more we get to enjoy his nurturing ways. All global students, including those from the past, can tell you how understanding and open minded Morri is to mess-ups, mistakes and accidents. It’s not only global students who get to see Morri’s sunshine personality. Every person who gets the opportunity to converse with him, for even one moment, can see how much of a loving sweetheart he is.

All students who have the privilege of having their lives enriched with Morri’s knowledge can tell you that it has changed their life and they will always have Morri in their heart. Billy-Bob Schlapookie has touched Morri’s life in an everlasting way. We constantly hear about Billy’s contributions, decision making skills, and impact on global as well as Morri’s personal life. Betty-Sue FitzHenry, and Bubba are also students who have touched Morri in a special way, and have stayed in Morri’s heart.

All joking aside, Morri has changed all of our lives. We all feel extremely privileged to have been accepted into this program. We are all very grateful to be given this opportunity. We have all grown to appreciate Morri in our own ways. In the end we will all miss the inspiring Winston Churchill quotations and the more meaningful, Mother Morrison’s ‘momisms.’ This one semester has changed our lives and we will carry this with us forever.



How long have you been involved in this program?
From the beginning effort in ’97-’98, reorganized in 1999- 2000 and still going.
What course do you teach in Global?
History and World Issues. I am also the program coordinator
How did you get involved with Global?
I invented it.
How many times have you traveled to Cuba?
With Global 7 times
How many times have you traveled to Germany?
With Global 10 times.
What is your favourite project in the Global course?
Many different ones for different reasons.
What is your favourite song?
I LOVE ALL MUSIC. So picking a song is impossible!
*Country Western and Rap do not count as music*
What is your favourite TV show?
It used to be West Wing but nothing recent.
What is your favourite book?
I LOVE TO READ, there are too many incredible books to select just one!
What is your favourite Disney movie?
Lion King.
Who is your favourite superhero?

What superpower do you wish you had?
X-ray Vision.
What is your favourite quote?
“Chase your dreams, believe in your self, work your but off”
Who is your favourite person in history?
The greatest man alive, Winston Churchill.
What is your favourite colour?
Blue, but yellow is a close second.
What is your favourite food?
Tie, one and a half inch stake (Barbequed by me) or 3 meat – 7 cheese lasagna (cooked by me)
What is the most memorable moment for you in Global this year?
What have you taken out of this year that is different from years before?
How has Global changed you as a person? As a teacher?

Serves as a constant reminder that regardless how much the system and society in school, has made mediocrity a goal, there are still some youth who longs for more and dare to imagine the “Great Dream”.
Global is my personal motivator, it keeps me young. As long as they care… so will I.

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