Mrs. Pounds

In the Global Perspectives program, a very interesting teacher is Leah Pounds, also known as Poundsy. This woman displays many admirable qualities including a high degree of intelligence, extreme compassion, and endearing quirks, all of which make her an important member of the 2010 Global family.

With a thirst for knowledge, her intelligence is admired by all of the Global students. Her insights into literature, such as when the students were reading The Poisonwood Bible demonstrate this. Without her explanations many of the students would have been lost. She is well versed in the theories of literature and is often known to add "Northrop Frye believes..." into a lesson. A phrase said by Poundsy quite often that will haunt the Global students for ever is “why study literature.” She displays her high degree of intelligence in the case of Global Issues, especially those of woman's rights, which she will joyfully argue with Morri about. As you can see, Poundsy demonstrates her intelligence throughout life, and enriches her students’ lives with the knowledge she possesses.

As the 'Momma" of Global, it would be very difficult to argue that this woman does not possess extreme amounts of compassion. During ISU crunch time her kind voice could often be heard saying, "You have enough on your plate, I really don't think it would be fair for me to give you another assignment." This opinion was widely supported by the Global class. Not only is she concerned for the mental health of the Global students, but for their physical health as well. This was displayed on their trip to Cuba where she treated the many ailments suffered by students from bumps and bruises to heat rash and intestinal infections. She enforced the 'hat rule' with an uncanny vigor, taking it as her personal mission to ensure each student wore a hat at all times, no matter how much they protested, rebelled, and attempted to be sneaky and 'forget.' Her compassion also extends to the world, as she expresses her concern for various world issues, especially those concerning women. This compassion sets Poundsy apart from many of her colleagues, who instead, believe more fully in the concept of tough-love. When the tough-love becomes too tough, Poundsy will always have your back.

With all of Poundsy’s outstanding qualities, she almost seems too amazing to be real, but it is her interesting personality quirks that bring her back down to earth and make her a relatable and interesting human. Each day it is a pleasant surprise to see Mrs. Pounds outfit. Her clothing ranges from basic work wear to exciting, cultural ensembles. The jewellery she chooses to wear to finish off her look adds interest and uniqueness. There are always great stories about where and from whom the beautifully crafted and unique pieces originate from.

Leah Pounds expresses an enthusiastic interest in the world of television. Not to be confused with a watcher of television, she explores the plot, characters, setting and experiences until she has analyzed every aspect. Poundsy develops interesting analysis that creates an extra dimension to the shows, especially Lost, American Idol and Survivor. Her true honesty is another aspect of her personality that sets her apart from others. Never afraid to voice her true opinions, no matter how different or harsh, her voice is one of great value to the Global students.

Leah Pounds is a very interesting and compelling individual. The impact she has on the students of Global Perspectives is invaluable and of the greatest importance. We cannot wait to hear about her journeys as she enters the next stage of her life: retirement.

How long have you been involved in this program?
5 Years.

What course do you teach in Global?

How did you get involved with Global?
I loved both novels that were studied at that time and approached the retiring English teacher and Morri expressing my interest.

How many times have you traveled to Cuba?

How many times have you traveled to Germany?

What is your favourite project in the Global course?
The monologues.

Why do you like this project?
They put a personal face on the issues and most students’ efforts are very creative.

What is your favourite song?
“In My Life” written by the Beatles but I love the Judy Collins cover.

What are your favourite TV shows?

Lost, So You Think You Can Dance, Flash Forward, Modern Family.

What are your favourite Books?

A Fine Balance, Blindness, An Equal Music.

What is your favourite Disney movie?

The Parent Trap.

Who is your favourite superhero?

Morri in his ‘puffy’ shirt.

What superpower do you wish you had? Why?
I’d like an invisibility cloak – is that a superpower?

What celebrity do you feel you are most like?
It depends on my mood. When I do my voices, I feel like Meryl, when I turn to the side, I feel like Barbra and when I exercise I’m channeling Richard Simmons.

What is your favourite quote?
“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

Who is your favourite person in history?
Rosa Parks. She stood up for what she believed in spite of the possible consequences.

What is your favourite colour?

What is your favourite food?

Chinese- spicy/sweet chicken with cashews.

What is the most memorable moment for you in Global this year?

Thus far, the rehearsals for ‘Canada Night’ in my pod. I got goosebumps.

What have you taken out of this year that is different from years before?
27 new and exciting personalities.

Has Global changed you as a person? As a teacher?

Yes, definitely! I love travelling with students and getting to know them in a variety of situations.

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