Tips for Germany:

-Wear a seatbelt
-Don't stay in, get out and enjoy your time in Germany!
-Go to at least one metal concert (be sure to try moshing!)
-Enjoy the strawberries and multitude of cake
-Write evrything down before you forget all of the amazing things you did
-Make the most of city tours, the history surrounding Germany is amazing

-Try all foods! Including pig stomach, it's actually good!

-bring more money than you think you'll use, paris is full of souvenirs that you cant resist.
-wear a seatbelt at ALL times.
-nutella is used a lot... get used to it !
-take tons of pictures, you're always busy and it'll help remind you what you did for your journals.
-stay on track with your journals, doing it last minute would not be fun.
-jet lag is terrible, you'll realize that.

Kelsey M
-Try to do everything on day trips; shopping, ice cream, and "one mores" You get more out of the trip if you do!

-Experience everything! Never pass up the opportunity to try something new, or you will regret it!"

-Never stay home when there is something going on! Say yes to all the activities that your German family has planned for you and eat everything! Go to the pool frequently - actually such good times.

-Always keep a open mind about everything! You only get an opportunity like this ones in your life time, make the most of it!

-Bring a variety of different clothes because you can never tell what the weathers going to be like.
-This is just for girls...For your formal wear, if you want bring a dress but I advise you also bring dress pants and a nice shirt as well because it can be cold. For formal shoes I also recomend bringing shoes that are not heels.
-Bring a wind jacket! It´s light and very useful.
-Keep up tp date with your journals. Actually if your anything like me, you have trouble remembering what has happend after a couple of days.
-My last piece of advice is have fun, the time in Germany goes by very fast. So just enjoy it and take in as much as you can.

-Ask for half sauce on your Doner… you’ll understand when you get there !

Kelsey D.
-When asked to go for a 'short walk,' don't expect to be home for a few hours.
-You may find yourself on an eight person bicycle, making a religious pilgrimage through the country-side, head banging at a German metal concert, or racing down a mountain on a contraption called "The Alspe-Coaster." I promise Germany is an unforgettable, amazing experience. Just go with it.


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