Self Actualizing Box

The Self-Actualizing Box project is one of our final integrated assignments.  The original idea for this project came from a piece on display at a Yoko Ono Art Exhibit.  The teachers of global then recreated it to represent all that we have learned and gained from this program, including several aspects on our ISU topics.  Each class has a portion of the six parts of the box and one on our Cuba trip.  It is a very creative assignment that involves a lot of creative thinking.  Each year the teachers slightly alter their portions of the box.  This year, the outside of the box will represent our ISU topic.  Part one of the box is for art, and it is an amulet, with one side representing us before and after our global experience.  Part two is for the Cuba trip, and it is an artifact or item that represents our experience there.  Part three is for the current issues course, and is a solutions maze based on our ISU topics or a current issue.  Part four is for the history course, and is an item representing the most important part of the 20th century that has affected our lives personally.  Part five is for the spirituality course, and is something representing 13 signifiers of our global experience and ISU.  Part six is for English, and is a diamante poem about us before and after global or learning about our ISU topics.  Making and creating the box is a challenge, but in the end it is something we are proud to have completed.

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