Colony To Nationhood


            This project was thee biggest group project that was assigned to us. We had to choose a third world/developing country and trace their way through colony to nationhood. We had to include all major history events and how they became an independent nation. An in-depth look at the countries religion/spirituality and religious and spiritual traditions was also a very important aspect. As well as poetry/authors/playwrights from your country all answering this main question, “Why study literature?” And to top it all off, a written report was due afterwards which would include, an analysis of the current situation of our nation, and identify the greatest problems they are facing, as well as possible solutions.   
Besides just the history aspect, we had to create amulets that resembled our country on one side and how colonization affected them on the other side. We designed these amulets out of clay and it took forever! After we designed about 35 of these amulets, we had to let them dry to be fired. Then once they were fired, we had to paint them and attach any extra piece we wanted on them. It was very time consuming. However in the end, all the hard work paid off and everybody’s looked amazing and individually unique.
Our Colony to Nationhood projects had to incorporate a lot of elements. One element that makes any project better is FOOD! Another aspect to this project was to find an original recipe that resembles your countries food. You had to have a main course item as well as a beverage. It depends on who you ask, but for the most part the food was very good. It was also a really neat way for us to experience new cultures cuisine while staying in our portable. If you are interested in trying any of the meals that were made for our project, feel free to look at the recipes below. ENJOY! 
Oh yeah I forgot to mention, our projects had to be at least an hour long and amazingly exciting, and new, and unique and something really cool to impress all four teachers, and keep their attention so they won’t fall asleep, and counts for 10% of our mark! So it basically left us with no other option than for it to be, amazingly outta this world pure mind blowing awesome-ness!


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