Death Test

Morri's words of wisdom: study without friends, 2 hour study blocks, and practice not fiddling. Okay sooooo........ 2 hour study blocks, CHECK! practice not fiddling, SEMI CHECK! Study without friends, ummmmm FAIL! Enough notes to sink the Earth. Yes, it was a great time. Either than the excessive studying, hand cramps, hunger attacks, lack of sleep, and flying steaks (oh wait, that was probably me just day dreaming) everything was just fine. We studied long and hard, so the day finally approached. We sit in our seats, and what do we do? Well we died, plain and simple. Without the tests even in our hands, the class began to panic. I personally calmed myself down picturing flying steaks (future globals, it works great). We finally receive the "Death Test", 1st question not bad, 2nd question fine, 3rd question okay.....Ohhhh no, we must be doing something wrong if we think the questions are easy. Last but not least the essay, a great section of the test to practice your doodling, especially when you're lost. One sheet of paper front and back, just for your best stick men. Time to hand in the test, Morri begins singing, “and another one gone, and another one gone. Another one bites the dust. Hey, I'm gonna get you too. Another one bites the dust.” Great, probably my first failed test in school was just handed in, Morri please have mercy on us "young adults". Days after pass without worrying about the test, and then Morri brings it up. Not good, remember how we all thought we did okay. Well we didn’t apparently (I knew it!). Lots of us did the first section completely wrong in fact. Well we tried, parents would be proud. Morri, haha not so much!


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