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Sat 10

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Lecture: History of Cuba

Beach Introduction Lecture: Cuban Culture Lecture: Matanzas

San Severino Castle

Lecture on Afro-Cuban Religion

Lecture: Cuban Art in the 19th & 20th Century Lecture: Education in Cuba Sports Festival Tour of Varadero Lecture: Electoral System in Cuba Lecture: Habana Habana Language Festival Visit the Bellamar Caves
Lecture: Cuban Economy Beach Activities Artisans Classes Dance Lessons

Tour of Matanzas

Painting Lessons Lecture: Jose Marti Dance Class Visit to Coffee Plantation Dance Class Canada Night Rehearsal Habana Prep for Cuba/Canada Night Tour of Cardenas
Presentation of the Delegations Dance Class Welcome Ceremony Partner's Night Concert with Yuon's Group Dance Class Canada Night Rehearsal Candy Night Cuba Night Canada Night Rehearsal Canada Night Habana Cuba/Canada Night Airport Departure
* A Few Minor Changes Occured While in Cuba Due to Availability of Professors.


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