Mutant Message
Marlo Morgan’s tale of her journey through the Australian Outback is found in the pages of her book Mutant Message Down Under. This novel describes Marlo`s supposed excursion between her and an Aboriginal tribe. In her work she shares her account on a Walkabout in which she claims to have been invited to when she received a deceiving call in America. Once arriving in Australia she begins her three month course in which she learns the Aborigines perspectives towards different aspects of life. Not only is her book a great piece of literature but it is also very controversial. She claims the context to be real yet it is published as fiction. Even more puzzling is the fact that when it was first released it was published as non-fiction but later changed to fiction because of a publishers request. Questions lie as to whether or not the message shared by the Aboriginals is legitimate or composed of different beliefs and practices used around the world by different groups. All of the students were able to reveille her story and interoperate the novel as they read it, followed by group discussion and debate.
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