Peace Videos

This year’s Global Class had the amazing opportunity to participate in a video contest at the MacLaren Art Centre. These videos were a way of expressing our opinions on world peace. What would global peace look like? How would your life be different if there was global peace? Everybody has a different opinion on what peace is, or what it would look like. By creating our own videos, we were able to have our views shown at the MacLaren Art Centre for “A Question of Peace Submission”.

This project would not have been possible without the help of Alison Miller, a former Global student from 2000. Alison graduated from Ryerson University with a radio and television arts major. She loves to travel, take pictures, and combining both of these by creating a thoughtful and final production. Alison taught our class all about photography and how we should take our photos. She showed us how to properly frame a shot. The shots varied: wide shot, medium shot, medium close up, close up, and extreme close up. Alison advised us that our pictures should look balanced when you look at them. She also showed us how to use Windows Movie Maker. Even the technology-challenged were able to follow her instructions! Then, we learned how to add music to our videos, and how to fade it in and out. In the end, our class did extremely well. Everyone was able to make amazing videos! For some, it was their first video they ever made, for others, it was yet another. Everyone in the class is proud of their videos and we are eager to see the results from the contest at the MacLaren Art Centre.


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